About Alek Haimovici
  • *Former Middle Weight Kickboxing Champion
    *Professional Muay Thai
    *Kickboxing Instructor
    *Tae Kwon Do Sixth Degree Black Belt
    *National Team Member
    *Hapkido Fifth Degree Black Belt
    *Boxing Coach Class A
    *Sambo Instructor

    *Master in Business Administration
    *Psychology degree from U.C. Santa Barbara
    *Master in Psychology
    *Master in Physical Fitness

    1990 - present: Alek Haimovici has been the kickboxing head
    instructor at the University of California, Santa Barbara

1994 - present: Head instructor of the World Kickboxing Gym

2004 - present: Alek is working with Rob Kaman
as a training & sparring partner.
He is also assisting & coaching with Rob UFC, Pride, and K1 fighters.
He's also giving seminars around the world.
Alek has worked with many legends such as:
Benny (the Jet) Urquidez, Bill Wallace, Rob Kaman and BJ Penn.
Alek Haimovici Former Middle Weight South-American kickboxing champion.

Alek HAimovici / World Kickboxing Gym